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When Hip-Hop 万博manb万博manbetxAPP下载etMeets Haute Couture: A Look Into Some Of Our Favorite Collaborations & Capsule Collections

在过去的几年里,我们见证了一些最具标志性的,legendary collections in the fashion industry.我们最喜欢的一些艺术家与高级时装设计师合作,这将载入史册。万博manbetxAPP下载让我们来了解一些传奇故事

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#KickSoftheday:Virgil Abloh推出全新的米白色x耐克鞋款。

Last year,Off-White's creator and new designer for Louis Vuitton's Menswear Virgil Abloh teamed up with Nike to release "The Ten."在收藏中,he designed and released the highly sought after pairs of Air Jordan 1s,Nike Air Max 90年代,

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Over the weekend,Virgil Abloh‘s Off-White lifestyle brand and Nike released their "All White"约旦1号专程去欧洲。接受这一备受期待的合作的一些国家包括法国(特别是巴黎时装周男装店)。Germany,意大利,Spain,瑞典Switzerland,

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最近,我浏览了Instagram的浏览页面,看到这对空军一号的彩色Swoosh标志立即勾勒出经典Swoosh标志,我很感兴趣。Once I found where the kicks came from,

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Earlier this month,rapper Rich The Kid took a trip  with Complex on an episode of Sneaker Shopping. On the episode,Rich The Kid and Complex‘s Joe La Puma explore New York's Stadium Good's to get a feel of what

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Nike和Virgil Abloh发布“十大”

耐克和设计师,Virgil Abloh再次合作创建今年的“IT”collection: "The Ten."Abloh and Nike have been working together since 2016 when he first visited the headquarters.他将运动鞋的草图作为

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运动鞋文化:Yeezy Boost WaveRunners 700s和Virgil Abloh X Nike

As we approach NYFW,Kanye West和Virgil Abloh提醒我们,为什么他们在业务上是最好的。两位设计师都为阿迪达斯和耐克推出了运动鞋系列。Kanye continues to add to his flourishing Sneaker empire,伊西兹Virgil

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回到四月,everyone  including the world of social media caught wave of Balenciaga‘s latest leather bag priced over $2,000 that strikingly resembled the $0.99 blue bag sold through IKEA.作为一个笑话,互联网在他们自己的手中创造了

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Stylists: The Game Changers of the Industry

When it comes to the industry,fashion is one of those things that can either make you shine or place you in a shadow.现在我们当然会喜欢我们的明星们的天赋,但是当你加上

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Rising Atlanta rapper,21 Savage,为2016秋冬系列产品图册中的关键单品制作模型。The collection features varsity jackets and heavy outerwear all emblazoned with the brand's signature slanted stripes.21 Savage is styled in the collection's hoodies and outerwear paired

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款式:Virgil Abloh的2016秋冬灰白色男式系列

Virgil Abloh shares official photos of his OFF-WHITE 2016 Fall/Winter menswear collection,featuring 27 pieces ranging from varsity outerwear to graphic tees.这位设计师以其对街头服装时尚的进步看法而闻名,这一系列绝对反映了他的前瞻性思维。黄色的砰砰声

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风格:Virgil Abloh发布新的咖啡桌书

first @Off____White™ book signing at @colette during Paris men's fashion week.150份。题为“你把我切断”的项目photography and layout by @piotrniepsuj ~ June 23rd 6pm.副本也可在同一日期在上获得。一张照片

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LIFE: My Paris Fashion Week 2016 Photo Diary

I adore Paris and I am so lucky to be able to travel there for work.从字面上讲,生活中任何事都有可能。如果你没有去过一个新大陆,并且想去,只需知道——可能

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LIFE: Waly-Fay Dinner – Party at Raspoutine,Castel&More–巴黎1.15秋冬

1月25日,2015。我在韦利·费伊和这个国际团伙共进晚餐,我在巴黎最喜欢的新餐馆。好,one of them!全明星阵容…

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生活:我的巴黎之旅x-dj'ing Ronnie-fieg与Beentrill(1.13–1.17)在Silencio举行的聚会

我是最幸运的女孩!This is my 4th trip to Paris in the past year and it has been all for work.呜呼。这一次,派对结束后,我被邀请到DJ为罗尼·费格的弹出式商店做DJ。

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